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Token Distribution

MDTK is the largest ever healthcare digital token offering with an existing and rapidly growing healthcare ecosystem in which to deploy.

The immediate focus following the Private Placements and ICO will be to develop the incentive platforms, partnership channels and new markets, in order to drive the growth of the ecosystem and increase usage and demand for MD Tokens.

– Total lifetime supply of MD Tokens will be capped at 500 million.

– Base MDTK price of 1000:1 ETH

– There will be a private placement from 5th Feb 2018 to 10th March, followed by ICO amounting to 150 million tokens (30% of the lifetime supply)

– Founding Team and Advisors will be allocated up to 15% of aggregate MDTK, conditional upon meeting key milestones over a 3 year period

– 30% of MDTK will be distributed to ecosystem participants and stakeholders as incentives to engage with and utilise the healthcare platform.

– 25% of MDTK will be used to fund acquisitions, partnerships and licences directly aimed at growing the ecosystem within which MDTK are utilised, thus increasing total number of users, frequency of usage and hence demand